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Wing Luke Museum
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Bookmarks - Artifacts

Bookmarks A: Folded white paper creates long rectangle one end glued inside. On the front is print white with pink background of kokeshi doll black kanji in grass script is written vertically on top. On the back is a black seal. B: Bookmark in shape of long envelope printed on the front with white on red cherry blossom design within a cloud shape at the top. At the bottom are red maple leves outlined in white, in the middle green and yellow horizontal stripes. Bold black kanji framed in red runs down center front. Black kanji to right and bottom. On the back is blue bird symbol . C: White western style mark with color photograph on front of two apprentice geisha (Maiki) Standing on stone bridge in Japanese garden with pond. On the back printed in English in black "Uwajimaya" Main Store: 6th S. So. King St., Seattle, , Main -6248, South Center: CH6- 7077 Made in Japan Black kanji on left side.
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