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Wing Luke Museum
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Stationery - Artifacts

A: Gift folder, H: 5", W: 2.5", white inexpensive paper folded in three, front which folds from the left is printed with blue background and has an image of two kokeshi dolls in front of wavy lines, cherry blossoms and yellow kanji, the narrow left front is printed red. B: Gift folder, H: 7", 4", white inexpensive paper folded in three and folded at top and bottom, printed silver and red mizuhiki goes around the back and has a bow in the front with a yellow, red and blue folded decoration to the right. At the top is black kanji and stamped at the bottom is more kanji in purple. Used as a gift of money to pay for a taxi. C: Gift folder, H: 7", W: 5.5", 9.5" yellowed paper folded in thirds, design printed on the front is a silver and red mizuhiki tied in a circle with a folded green red and yellow decoration surrounded by brown stamped grass, maple leaves, green stamped bamboo leaves and flowers, orange stamped medallion at lower left has kanji inside. D: Sweet paper: H: 7.125", W: 3.5", soft white paper folded in thirds with a red and black theater mask makeup stamped on top of a gradated rust design of three squares (measuring cup motif?]. E: Set of envelopes and writing paper on yellowed paper with mint green border on left with white kanji behind a bearded grey theater mask; i: Envelope, H: 8", W: 5.5", rust colored kanji written on front, envelope to hold stationery, red kanji stamp at back lower left, "Noh (letter paper) Georgia Sealoff" written in blue ink on back. ii & iii: H: Envelopes 7.5", W: 2.75", red kanki stamp at back lower left. iv & ix: Writing paper, H: 7", W: 5", yellowed paper folded in half. x: Writing paper, H: 7.25", W: 5", Writing paper with black vertical lines folded in half (black kanji, no motif). F: Set of envelopes and writing paper on yellowed paper with black and red theater mask makeup; i: Writing pad, H: 8.25", W: 6", 4 yellowed paper sheets attached at top to cardboard backing, front page has a large character stamped in the middle and written at the top in red pencil "Letter paper with Kabuki make-up design", the other sheets just have the make up design and inserted in front of the cardboard is a lined paper which acts as a guide when writing. ii & iii: 2 Envelopes, H: 6.5", W: 2.75" have make-up design on front and are held together with a red paper band with a price tag on it #34, Y25.
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