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Wing Luke Museum
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Cards - Artifacts

Notecards, some used for holiday greetings, white paper folded in half or in 4, torn colored paper collage, orange crest on lower left back is a circle with "Hand made paper from Japan" printed around inside and an arrow shaped emblem in the middle, a number is printed in black on the back right lower corner. A: Front cover has green background on right and a dark brown deer with white spots, rust stripe, and yellow eye lying down, inside card are 2 oval shaped tan spots, the green continues onto the back bottom with a gray shape above, No.-2,006, folded in 4 B: Front cover has pink angel flying upside down, yellow braided hair, orange hair ties, silver wings, green trumpet, 4 blue stars surround her, inside is a green trumpet with an orange bow, on back are 2 blue stars, No.-2,002, folded in 4 C: Front cover shows a stained glass window in black with a figure wearing a yellow hat, white face, tan top, white paints, tan colored cover on outside, yellow angel wings on inside, 2 021 on back, folded in half. D: Yellow cover on outside forms background for design that covers front and back, brown bridge with grey pylons, silver and blue river, green branch above right and green shrub below left, grey branch with 2 orange balls on inside, 2 022 on back, folded in half. E: Mustard yellow cover on outside forms background, front cover has half a Christmas tree in brown with silver decoration, back has other half in rust with silver decoration, front and back have brown squiggly lines representing Japanese characters, 2 033 on back, fold in half. F: Front cover has two trees, one green Christmas tree with brown trunk and orange and yellow balls, one green pyramidal tree with brown trunk, back has one rust colored triangular tree with brown trunk, one shorter green fir tree with brown trunk, inside right has the same tree repeated, 2 009, folded in 4. G: Outside cover has blue sky background, white snow, front shows a snowman with black features, brown hat, yellow and brown broom and 2 rust colored boots, back has a black shovel with a brown handle, inside left has a green mitten with an orange cuff; on right is written in red pen "A Merry, Merry Holiday Season to the finest student assistants ever--and have fun until Jan 3, 1961. Affectionately, Georgia Sealoff", No.-2,004, folded in 4. H: Orange cover on outside forms background for a green teabowl (chawan) with brown holly leaf decoration, a light green teaspoon (chashaku) and on the back a black lidded tea caddy (natsume), two black broken circles on inside, 2 024, folded in half. I: Brown cover on outside forms background for grey lantern, green tree and white snowflakes on front, inside is an orange and tan roofed gate and 2 green blobs, 2 023, folded in half. J: Brown cover on outside forms background for tokonoma alcove black floor, taupe posts, yellow mochi ball arrangement, green, white, blue and yellow scroll on front extending onto back, inside is a black serving tray on legs with yellow mochi ball arrangement, 2 025, folded in half. K: On front cover is an orange and black paper lantern, inside is a blue curtain, cut in two places with a brown, blue and white mon of bamboo leaves, tan bows at the top of the cuts, No.-2,003, folded in 4. L: 7.375" x 3.125" rectangular card with a brown cover on outsides forming background for a church steeple in tan, brown, blue and white, silver bell and white snow flakes covering front and back, orange bell inside, No.-2,028, folded in half.
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