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Wing Luke Museum
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Furoshiki - Artifacts

Blue stencil dyed FUROSHIKI with a boy and a girl under a plum tree. The blossoms cascade downward. A boy on the left of the tree who wears a kimono and EDO period boy's hairstyle, is riding a wooden horse stick. His kimono is orange, black, green, plaid on olive green background. The boy's profile is shown. The girl wears a yellow kimono with green and white vertical stripes and a black collar. She wears an orange apron with white motif wrapped around her waist with blue string. Her hair-do is of the EDO period girls style with orange tie-dyed strip adornment. Her geta (wooden footwear) is orange. She is keeping herself warm by putting her hands under his kimono. The cat is cocoa-brown/white outlined by grey color. The plum blossoms are white with pink border with orange/yellow center. The orange gourd shaped seal of the artist ENKO is located next to the cat. Two sides are hemmed. The materials is rayon, woven flat and smooth. the condition is good but there are dye flaws on both sides.
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