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Furoshiki - Artifacts

A square nylon FUROSHIKI with gray gradation around top and lower corner with HIROSHIGE's wood block scene of one area of the TOKAIDO route. At upper right it reads: TOKAIDO GOJYU SAN TSUGU NO UCHI: KABAHARA (Tokaido route - 53 stations: at Kabahara) An orange gourd-shaped seal reads YORU NO YUKI (Night Snow Scene) Lower left corner states: HIROSHIGE's picture; the orange seal reads: TAKEUCHI (Probably a distributor's name) Two men climb uphill while one with blue garment with blue footwear and geta goes downhill with his umbrella partially closed. One climber wears brown kimono with mustard color outer garment and other wears blue garment with MINO which is made of straw. Two sides are hemmed. It is in good condition. The black label indicates that the material is 100% nylon.
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