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Wing Luke Museum
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Wood Barrel - Artifacts

Image Wood Barrel
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Soy Sauce Barrell Wood barrel staves held together with 4 wide metal rings and 2 narrow rings riveted to sides, around middle are two twisted bamboo rings, near the top of the barrel where there was a plug are 2 vertical metal bands extending from bottom to middle and middle to top, a tin can lid is nailed over the hole in the middle of the barrel where a tap would have been, bottom of barrel is missing; on one side 2 printed Chinese characters at the top above a line of Chinese characters and "BLACK SOY" in the middle, above printing at the bottom "GROSS 125 LBS., NET 100 LBS."; a quarter of the way around in black block letters "MADE IN HONG KONG" at top, "KOON CHUN; YUEN LONG N.T.; HONG KONG; SOY, YELLOW ??"; a quarter of a turn in the middle of the barrel is printed "WA SANG" bordered a dashed line, above"SEATTLE", above "7" at the bottom; faint printing of WA SANG on top. Barrel has deteriorated and the bands are rusty.
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