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Vase - Artifacts

Image Vase
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Pair of very large vases used for ikebana flower arranging A & B: Pottery vessel shaped like a bowl wavy sides with a pinched rim, a molded dragon is perched on the edge of the rim with its body on the outside of the vase and the head peering over the top and the right claw on top of the rim, the tail on top of the rim extends onto the inside ends in grooves on the inside of the vase, the head is hollow and has a hole running from the back (possibly to run a tube through for water fountain); round pedestal foot on a flat bottom; yellowish wheel thrown clay, dark brown glazed sides, green and yellow glaze covering the dragon and dripping down into the bowl, near the bottom on the outside is an undulating band pressed into the clay representing water. On the bottom in English is stamped "Made in Japan". A: The back of the dragon head has been broken off and then mended. B: The back of the dragon head has broken off and has been painted green to cover the bare clay. Diam: 28"
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