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Chado Tea Set - Artifacts

Wooden Box containing Chado Tea Set - 2 tea bowls, lidded water jar, waste water jar, whisk, ladle, tea spoon. A: Wooden case, Chabako, made of palowonia or kiri wood tall with two sides and a back, top has tiny groove in the sides, bottom has mitered foot around the perimeter of the bottom, inside are strips of wood which act as guides for the drawer and shelfs. There is a groove intop and bottom front for door. On top a metal silver colored handle is fastened to the box by chrysanthemum shaped fittings which extend throught holes in the top of the case. On the back was a piece of adhesive tape with date "December, 5, 1958" has been removed. B: Door, made of kiri wood 19" X 6.25", has two cross grain pieces set into either end with mitered corners. On top is thin strip of veneer which protects the edge. About five inches from th etop a metal handle in the shape of a flatened bell is attached with chrysanthemum fastener through a hole in the wood. The two prongs from the fastener which are bent on the back of the door are covered with rice paper. The door is installed by holding the handle, inserting the door into the top groove of the box and sliding the bottom of the door into the bottom groove. C: Drawer, 6" X 5.5" X 1", made of kiri wood has two sides glued to the bottom, a back which has an indentation in the top and a front that has a hole drilled through the middle. D - G: Shelfs made of Palowonia wood. D: 5.25" X 6", On the left front side is a rounded notch which acommodates the bamboo ladle handle, front edge is rounded E: 4.5" X 6", Middle shelf is joined across the middle, rounded front edge. F: 5.25" X 6", Bottom shelf, hole drilled through left front to accomodate ladle handle. G: 5.25" X 6", has larger hole drilled in center front, rounded front edge. H: Tea Spoon, Chashaku, used for scooping tea from caddy. 7.25" long, made of bamboo, carved with a narrow handle which broadens out and curves at the other end to create a scoop. There is a bamboo node in center of handle as decoration. Stored in the drawer, C. I: Whisk, Chasen, H: 4.5", Dia: 2", made of bamboo, with a node at top of handle, bamboo is split in circle around outside edge and then cut into two rows of fringes, one on the outside shaped like a bell and the inside fringe curved in so they meet in the middle. Black cotton thread is woven in and out around the spokes of the outer fringe near the handle. the whisk is used to knead or stir the powdered green tea after water has been added. It is warmed in water to prevent the spokes from splintering. Insect carcaseses found and removed from inside handle. Stored in rectangular lidded cardboard box, covered with paper which has rust colored stripes.On the lid are characters written in black ink. and white paper label with black kanji and an illustration of a whisk. Inside the box is yellow paper with explanation in Japanese. J - K: Ladle, Hishaku, Bamboo ladle and handle, J: Bowl of the ladle H: 1.75", Dia: 2.25", cut from bamboo stalk so that node forms the bottom, on one side is curved slot for the handle. K: Handle made from bamboo, L: 13.75", Outside bamboo stalk forms edge of ladle handle which widens at the middle where the node adds decorative element. Upper end of handle spreads into Y shape with curved end which fits into slot in ladle cup. L: Tea Bowl ,Cha Wan, H: 2.75", Dia: 4.625", Rusty beige colored clay shaped into bowl which rises gradually outward and then extends into straight sides. the insdie and outside walls of the bowl are covered with black glaze, on one side near the rim is beige colored glaze, on two sides of the bowl the raw clay has been protected so that characters appear in the glaze. On the unglazed bottom is ring style pedistal and incised stamp "Japan". M: Tea Bowl, Cha wan, H: 2", Dia: 5.375", rosey brown clay bowl has sides which gradually flair out at the rim, medium brown glaze cover inside and outside walls , a white scrolled lines are glazed on interior side. White glaze also brushed onto outside walls covering ridges in the clay. Characters have been carved through the white glaze on the outside of the bowl. On the unglazed bottom is ring shaped pedistal and incised stamp "Japan". N - O: Cold Water Jar, Mizusashi, with lid, H: 6", Dia: 5.375". N: Pottery jar shaped like vase, bulbous lower sides and flaired top. Yellowish clay is covered with reddish brown and white glaze. there is a n unglazed ridge on the inside rim which holds the lid. the outside of the jar on the flair section is incised with bands of four different motifs. The top band has flowers, second has figure 8, third has three leaves, fourth has cloud shapes. Vertical lines extend down lower sides. On the unglazed bototm is ring shaped pedistal and stamp "Japan". O: Water Jar lid: made of same glazed pottery saucer shaped with depressoin in the middle and loped shaped handle in the center, three bands of incised motifs encircle the center. Outside band are flowers, middle has hearts interior has shamrocks, on the underside only the center has been glazed. the lid fits inside the rim of the jar. P: Waste Water Bowl, Kensui,H: 3", Dia: 5.5", used to discard water after rinsing the tea bowl, redish color clay bowl has bulbous sides and flairing rim, inside glazed with mottled gray and tan glaze. The outside is glazed in taupe and white colored indistinct bands, engraved into side are characters, one set inside rectangular frame and another inside fan frame. The unglazed bottom has squat ring shaped pedistal and "Japan" is stamped inside the ring. Q & R: Pottery Container, H: 1.25", Dia: 2.25". Q: Bottom of the container made of light colored clay, shallow bowl shaped with ridge on the inner rim to accomodate the lid, yellow and light gray glaze is accented on the outside rim with dark brown glaze, "Japan" stamped on the bottom. R: Lid, shallow bowl shape of light colored clay glazed with yellow and light gray glaze and on the outside with light grey glaze and dark brown flower with leaves.
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