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Wing Luke Museum
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Whisk - Artifacts

Chasen Tea Whisk Tea Whisk is made of dark brown colored bamboo, with a node at top of handle, bamboo is split in circle around outside edge and then cut into two rows of fringes, one on the outside shaped like a bell and the inside fringe curved in so they meet in the middle. Black cotton thread is woven in and out around the spokes of the outer fringe near the handle. the whisk is used to knead or stir the powdered green tea after water has been added. It is warmed in water to prevent the spokes from splintering. Some white paper stuck to the bottom of the handle. Stored in rectangular cardboard box with lid. Covered with tan wood grained paper, the lid of the box has black kanji on top with red stamp in shape of a whisk and red kanji inside the shape. Brown and white label with kanji.
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