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Offering Stands - Artifacts

Image Offering Stands
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Set of three offering Trays on separate pedistals Made in three sizes, the trays have octagonal shaped bottoms with 1.25" high sides pegged into the bottom. To create the square shape with angle corners, the sides are bent at each corner by cutting out four small wedges on the inside and bending the wood so that the outside is smooth. The ends of the wood creating the sides are joined in the middle of one side with a piece of bark laced through slots in the wood. Stamped in the bottom in blue, "Made in Japan." Separate pedistals are also square shaped with angle corners crating eight sides. On one side the edges of the wood have been beveled and glued together the corners have three wedge shape pieces cut out on the inner side so the wall can be bent. In three of the walls a shape resembling a lidded jar has been cut through with an upper beveled edge. "Made in Japan" is stamped in blue on each pedistal. A: Tray, H: 1.375", W: 9.125". D: 8.875". It has streaks of yellowy orange sap showing through the wood. B: Pedistal, H: 5.375", W: 5.375", D: 5.375", It has streaks of yellowy orange sap showing through the wood. C: Tray, H: 1.25", W: 9.625", D: 9.5", D: Pedistal, H: 4.75", W: 4.875", D: 4.875". E: Tray, H: 1.5", W: 10.5", D: 10.5", Black mark on inside of the tray. F: Pedistal, H: 6", W: 6.25", D: 6.25".
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