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Tea Kettle and Brazier - Artifacts

Image Tea Kettle and Brazier
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Tea Kama with Lid and circular handles and portable braizer ,Furo, with inner stand used for Chado. A: Kettle, H: 7", Dia: 9", Made of iron with mottled surface painted brown, flat bottom curves up towards straight sides which curve into a slanted shoulder area and a rim which stands up straight. The reinforceing band is riveted around lower part of the kettle and a decorative band runs around the shoulder with two raised lines and pattern of bumps simulating rivets. On either side are two moulded fasteners resembling animal heads with hole in center. Two metal rings go through the holes as handles. The kettle is rusty inside. B: Kettle lid, Dia: 4.5", round metal lid is raised in middle with flairing rim and a ledge on inside which fits in to the kettle. through the center a ball shaped handle has been riveted made up of petal shaped pieces of metal resembling chrysanthemum,. A flower shaped plate sits on top of the lid where handle is fastened. On the top the metal has been treated to create a mottled coppery finish. Black on the inside C & D: handles, Dia: 3.125", Iron has been hammered into rings and the two ends of the ring overlap with a space between them. The rings are threaded through the holes in the fasteners on the side of the kettle. E: Brazier, H: 8.75", Dia: 13.25", made of iron with a mottled texture finish on outside, bowl shaped with a U cut out of the front. three round legs are moulded out of the bottom. The rim is turned in at the top. Remains of charcoal ash inside. F: Brazier stand, H: 4", Dia: 8.875", horseshoe shaped stand has three triangular legs ending in triangular wavy shaped feet which point inwards and upwards. The stand sits inside the brazier to hold the kettle above the coals. G: Eda-zumi charcoal sticks, 10 pieces, black and gray with white coating in the shape of twigs; added to larger charcoal logs and ash in the brazier
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