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Wing Luke Museum
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Burner, Incense - Artifacts

Kako Baka, Incense Burner A: Square Kiri wood box made in two levels. Top level has front and back walls of shoji screen style with wood lattice and rice paper. The bottom of the box has moulding which supports a drawer which slides out the front. Wood divider between the top and bottom of the box. The box has been stained brown except for the divider. A bamboo handle bent at the top two corners is fastened to each side of the box with copper rivets. B: Drawer, 4.5"square, made of kiri wood stained dark brown in the front. On the front an aluminum handle is attached by two prongs on the inside and covered with paper. On the inside of the front of the drawer are two characters which are repeated on inside front of the box. C: Detachable incense burner holder frame, 4.5" square, with large hole in middle, made of stained kiri wood and beveled around the top edges. D: Incense burner, H: 1.625", Dia: 4", made of white ceramic with green glaze, round with straight sides, with a flanged rim and three depressions in the top resembling an ash tray. Condition: The front mouldings have been glued in place, 7/24/97, with neutral ph white adhesive. Rice paper is badly torn.
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