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Wing Luke Museum
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Parasol - Artifacts

Bangasa Oiled Paper Parasol Upper part made from two layers of paper which sandwichs a network of silk threads. Coated to make it water proof turning the paper a yellowish brown. Painted floral design with black trunk and branches, white blossoms with green and silver stamens, white buds, red, pink, and silver leaves. The paper is attached to bamboo spokes by threads formed in to diamond shapes running through holes at the ends of the spokes. the edges of the paper are cut in zig - zag shapesa nd fdolded over. Spokes are attached to a black lacqered and metal knob. A circle of purple paper runs around outside of the knob and here the spokes are lacquered black. Inner bamboo spokes made of split strips are connected to outer spokes by string running through holes, the other end of the inner spokes are tied to a green sereated knob and held in place with pink and white paper. A rough wooden pole forms the handle and ends in a red lacquered knob. A metal fitting holds parasol when it is up. On the handle is a circular black label with red sun and white waves in the center. At the top in white "Mark Asahi", below is white kanji.
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