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Basketry Vase - Artifacts

Image Basketry Vase
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Wall hanging Basketry Vase A: Brown stained and lacquered bamboo in the shape of a gourd. The diagonal stakes are held together with two weavers on the bottom section and three weavers on the top section. the stakes are crossed and woven back into the body at the bottom middle and top.On the back of the basket is a looped handle made of twisted bamboo, below this scratched into the varnish is "3/ 71". The lower half has a hole woven into the upper side which accommodates a metal insert. B: Metal insert, H: 4.25", Dia: 2", has been painted on the inside and around the top of the outside with rust colored paint. Written on the side in black felt pen is "Uno". C: Inside the bottom cavity is a lead fishing weight, L: 3.25". Gray metal cresent moon shaped with metal fastener on one end and a chain on the other made of small sillver colored balls. Raised lettering on one side, "Tote" on the other side "6". Made in Japan.
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