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Vase - Artifacts

Image Vase
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Bamboo Basket with attached plastic container and driftwood used for Ikebana Flower Arrangment. A: Shallow basket with fluted rim, plain diagonal open weave. Sides, which are fluted at the top and round neat the base. The diagonal weave is compressed where it meets the base which is woven of wider bamboo strips in a hexagonal weave. the base is reinforced on the bottom with two crossed pieces of thick bamboo, and a ring shaped foot is attached to the bottom at the edge of the base with wrapped bamboo. Wrapped bamboo handle forms a curve Y - shape and is attached in three places to the top of the sides. Made in Asia for the western market. A yellow plastic cup, 4.25" D, is glued to inside bottom of basket. Remnants of green floral paste in the bottom. On the bottom of the basket written in blue and black felt pen is "Uno". B: Piece of drift wood, 5.5" L, in a curved triangular shape. Sits inside one of the fluted walls of the basket.
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