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Vase - Artifacts

Image Vase
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A. Wall mounted vase made of three sizes of bamboo rods tied with vine and vinyl cord in two places to form a fan shape. Eight rods come together at the bottom, attached with vine, and a cup-shaped semicircle of bamboo rods, tied in two places with vine and vinyl cord, sits near the bottom of the fan. A small cross piece of bamboo rod is at the bottom of the cup. A vinyl cord covered wire loop is attached to the upper back for hanging purposes. On this bottom crosspiece, written in black ink is the donor's name, "Uno". B. Small yellow plastic cup with plastic based kenzan (needle point flower holder) fastened to the inside bottom. On the bottom, in black felt pen, is written the donor's name, "Uno". H: 3.125"; Di: 2.125".
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