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Wing Luke Museum
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Medicinal bottle - Artifacts

A glass bottle with a black screw cap and a paper label. The glass bottle has embossed scales on the back side and embossed numbers and marks on the bottom. Near the neck and opening partm there are black residues on it. The black cap is rusty in its edge and inner part. There are rusts around the screwing part. The label has blue or green, and red priints. Half label is separated from the bottle. There is a big tear (2") in the middle of the label. The print is blurred. There is a huge brown permeating residue on the label. There are a red and a black residues on the label too. The label states: This bottle is a container for medicinal dew that is used for skin problems such as etches, bugs' bites, etc.. Appling this medicine on a cotton cloth and rub against wounded or affected parts 300 times in one time. Every bottle costs 5 dollars.
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