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Wing Luke Museum
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Medicine - Artifacts

1997.43.13A A package box (L: 2.13", W: 2", H: 2.4") made of hardboard. The outer surface is golden color. There are two product marks on two sides, and two directions written in English and Korean on the other two sides. Inside the bow, there is another hardboard protecting layer. There are some creases on the top and bottom sides of the box. 1997.43.13B A white, thin prescription (L: 8.5", W: 8.31") in black prints within a red frame. The directions is explained in 3 languages (Korean, English, and Chinese), which includes "the Origin of Korean Ginseng", "Korean Red Ginseng and Extract", "Efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng Extract", "Directions", "Attention", and "Packing". The paper is yellowed, and the prints on the folding creases are blurred. The medicine is used as tonic and is used for general weakness. Take the medicine with water. Teh medicine is made by Office of Monopoly Republic of Korea. 1997.43.13C A glass bottle (H:1.97", D: 1.61") with a screw cap and a plastic lid. The screw cap has a white, plastic inner and a golden metal outer cver, which has a brand mark on it. The plastic lid now is stuck to the bottle because of the sticky Ginseng Extract. There is powder and the extract's black residues on the lid. There is a label aghered to the bottle. 1997.43.13D A plastic 1gm spoon for measuring one dose.
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