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Wing Luke Museum
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Medicine set - Artifacts

1997.43.17Ai (as folding package: L: 3.42", W: 2.36"; as unfolding paper: L: 7.28", W: 7.28") A two sides printed paper wrapped with a tear-drop shaped glass bottle. The outside of the paper is printed in brown. The medicine is from Qing dynasty, Guang Dong province. There is a broken, thin, black-brown paper seal stuck on it. There are some tears on it. The brown color is faded. The inside of the paper is blue printed. There are three prescritions. One is for general diarrhea and abdominal illness and vomit. Take 30-40- pills with tea each time. There are other two prescriptions have no relation to this medicine, but they are given as free gifts. One is for emergency cholear, vomit and diarrhea, and cramp. One is for dry-cholear (want to vomit or diarrhea but cannot). 1997.43.17Aii A tear-drop shaped glass bottle(H: 2.64", W: 1.18") with a cork that sealed with red seal. There is a white label with fading red print adhered to the bottle. On the label is the name of this medicine. There are many red pills in the bottle. 1997.43.17B 1997.43.17C The same medicine packages as 1997.43.17A but unopened. The brown print is fading. There are some creases and tears on the paper.
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