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Wing Luke Museum
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Patent medicine set - Artifacts

1997.43.24A A rectangular hardboard box (L:4.13", W:1.97", H:1.81"). The outside upper side is adhered a red label, which states the brand name, location, adn the name of medicine. The medicine is used for preventing phlegm froming and stopping coughing. The color of the red label is faded. The label is printed in black. The corners of the label is rolled up. Only part of the bottom side is wrapped by color paper, and most area is white. The four sides are wrapped by paper with yellow, golden, and orange colors. On the back side, there is a part of color is obviously faded. Inside the box is wrapped by red paper. The upper side is a red label with black prints. The closure of the box is a small, thin bone tab with a small hole inserted a red paper loop, whcih is inserted inthe upperside paper. The bone tab can be inserted in another red paper loop, which is inserted into two small holes of the front side. 1997.43.24B A piece of yellowish paper (L:3.46", W:1.57") with black prints. There is a brown stain on the paper. The right side of the apper has irregular edge. The paper stses the real brand of the medicine is a calabash, and customers can identify the real medicine by the brand. 1997.43.24C~E Three peices of yellowish paper (L:16.32, W:6.5") with red prints. The right upper part is a drawing of the store's founder. The right lower part is a brand statement made in 1899 A.D.. The middle part is a prescritpion of the medicine. The left part is a map of the drug store.
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