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Patent medicine set - Artifacts

Image Patent medicine set
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The 1997.43.32A~C are the same set, but 1997.43.32D and E are different packages though all of them are the same product. 1997.43.32A (the whole set is in a fair condition) 1997.43.32Ai A hardboard, cuboid box (L:0.79", W:0.79", H:2.87") with top and bottom covers. The box is wrapped by fading green with white flower bricks paper. The texture is blurred. One box brim has 1.46" crack. There is a red albel with black prints adhered to the box. The names of mediciine and the durg store, and the location of the drug store are on the label. Th hardboard is separating and there is a small red piece of paper stuck on inside. The red paper is rolling, fading, and having dust and fuzzy. 1997.43.32Aii A medicine prescription (L:11.38", W:9.21"). A thin, yellowed, foxing piece of paper with fading pink print. It states the medicinal oil is used for both internal illness and external wounds. People can spred it on spots, or drink it with tea. This medicine is panacea for everybody. 1997.43.32Aiii This is a small glass bottle (H:2.13",W:0.5") witha cork and a red label. There is brown medicinal oil in it. There are red stains on the bottle. Near the cork, some red stains are around the opening. The cork is broken. 1997.43.32Bi~iii (Condition: Good) The same set as 1997.43.32A. The red label on the surface of the box is blurred. The wrapped paper of the box has several tears around brims. The red label almost separated from the box. There are two small holes on the cork of the bottle. There is red seal spread around the cork. The seal is a little sticky and is stuck dusts. 1997.43.32Ci~iii (Condition:Fair) The same set as 1997.43.32A. There is a small top cover on the box, but it is fragile. There is a torn red paper stuck on it. The cover is only attached to the box by the wrapping paper. There are several tears on the brims of the box. 1997.43.32D (Condition:Good) This is the same product as 1997.43.32A~C, but has different package. The different package began in 1921A.D. according to the prescription sheet. 1997.43.32Di A hardboard box (L:0.79", W:0.79", H:2.87") and it is wrapped by yellow paper with red flower bricks. The wrapped paper is faded and blurred. The top cover is almost separated from the box, and there is a red piece of paper attached inside the cover and the box. There is a red label attached inthe box that now has English translations on it, which are not existed in the old package. 1997.43.32Dii A prescription sheet (L: 11.73", W:9.45") printed in red and green colors. The paper is folded and yellowed. the seet is added a statement of different package and English translations. 1997.43.32Diii A glass bottle (H:2.76", W:0.59") with some brown medicine oil. The front red label has black stains and is burred. The red seal is a little sticky and is attached to some fuzzy dirt. 1997.43.32E (Condition:Fair) A torn box (L:1.97", W:1.46", H:3.54") without top and bottom covers. The box is made by two hardboard layers, and the outer layer is shorter than the inner one. There is a color wrapping paper, but the colors are fading and blurred. There is a fading red label with blrred black prints. This box is for some medicine oil. This oil is the same as 1997.43.32A~D. There is a piece of red, thin paper adhered on the hardboard from upper side of the outer layer to the upper side of the inner layer. There is another the same red paper adhered to the inner box. There are some tears on the paper. Both two hardboard layers are separated, except the fragile connection of the thin, red paper, which is attached to the upper sides of both two layers. There are many black stains on the inner red paper. There is a long crack (1.5") on the front edge.
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