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Patent medicine set - Artifacts

Image Patent medicine set
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Five "Po Chai Pills" set (L:0.79", W:0.59", H:2.44"), From Li Ghung Shing Tong, Canton, China. Each set has water-proved wrappered paper, a bottle with red pills and red caps, and prescription sheets. All sets (1997.43.36A~E)are in Fair condition. 1997.43.36A The wrapped paper of this set is broken on top, and its red prints are blurred, and it has folding creases. The wrapped paper is very thin, and yellowed, and has black, dark stains. 1997.43.36B The wrapped paper is reversed side. The whole set is under good wrapping condition. Only some areas have small nicks. The wrapped paper is yellowed near borwn color. 1997.43.36C the ends of the wrapped paper are broken and have foxes. From the broken end, you can see red pills in the bottle. 1997.43.36D Both ends of the wrapped paper are broken. There are yellow-brown stains on the paper. 1997.43.36E Few tiny nicks on both ends of wrapping paper. 1997.43.36F (Condition: Good) A glass bottle (H:2", W:0.5") with a red label. The opening area is broken, and there is a red stain on it. The bottle has small dark stains. The bottle is used for storing " Po Chai Pills" from Li Ghung Shing Tong. 1997.43.36G (Condition: Good) A red paper package(L:2.28", W:1.57"). The print edition is 1940A.D. There is a picture of the founder. The printed paper is faded and there is a tear on the left bottom corner. Location: Guang Dong. Brand's name: Li Ghung Shing Tong. Name of the medicine: Po Chai Pills. 1997.43.36H (Condition: Good) The same package as 1997.43.36G. There are tears on the top edge. 1997.43.36Ii~iii (Condition: Excellent) 1997.43.36Ii A color printed paper box (L:0.55", W0.55", H:2.05"). The print started from 1970A.D. There are a founder's figure, the names of the medicine pill (Po Chai Pills) and the drug store (Li Chung Shing Tong), the usage and functions, and English translated functions on box. This medicine is from Hong Kong. Inside the box, the paper is yellowed. 1997.43.36Iii A color printed prescription sheet (L:6.02", W;3.46"). The sheet is yellwoed and has a tear on the left edge. The sheet has both Chinese and English explanations. This edit of print was from 1961. Po Chai Pills are good for diarrhoea, vomitings, influenza, fever, over-eating, over-intoxicating and gastrointinal diseases. It can be taken with water or tea. 1997.43.36Iiii A plastic bottle (D:0.47", H:1.85") with embossed Chinese and Eng;osj names of medicine and manufactural place. Inside the bottle are many small red pills. The name of the drug store is also embossed on the lid. 1997.43.36J (Condition:Fair) A prescription sheet (L:7.48", W:5.28") of Guang Dong, Li Zhong Sheng Tang's Po Chai Pills. This print edition started from 1936A.D. .On the top are pictures of the main production factory, the main package factory, two brand stamps and the founder's picture. On the lower part are its patent statement, functions and usage. The functions and usage are similar as 1997.43.36I. This edition also states for emergency situations as children's acute infantile convulsion, faint, having phlegm suddenly and seriously etc., grind two doses of pills and drink it with boy's urine. For external wounded areas, grind pills and smear the powder on the wounded areas.
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