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Patent medicine - Artifacts

These are Eng Aun Tong (TJAP) Harima_ Tiger Balm medicien ointment developed approximatively a century ago by two Vhinese brothers, Hu Wen-hu adn Hu Wen-bao. Wen means "gentle", and hu means "tiger," so the brothers decided tcall their formula Tiger Balm. Functions and Usages: Tiger Balm relieves tightness of the chest and produces a soothing effect on the pains due to cold, fatigue, exposure, srain, or rheumatism. For such conditions the parts are well rubbed with the Chinese ointment two or three times a day and covered with a warm flannel. It is also used as an inhalant for stuffed up noses, nasal drip, and head colds. A few whiffs of the vaper soothes the upper air passages and gives your head a clear feeling. It can be used for mosquitoes bite by applying it to the bitten parts. Reference: "Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists" by Lucas, Richard Melvin. 1977. West Nyack, N.Y. pp51-53. 1997.43.19A A small red, round container (D:1", H:0.67") of Tiger Balm ointment. The container now can not be opened. The red varnish is a little flaked. There are two flate faces, and one is with a raised tiger and Chinese characters inside a golden circle, and this face has a residue; another face is a tiger and English vrand in a golden circle. 1997.43.19B A hexagonal shaped glass bottle (W:1", H:1.81") with a orange-golden color screw cap. There are a trade mark and the name of medicine carved on the cap. There is paper with triangle edge angered to the glass. The paper has many torns, folding marks and worn out marks. There is a running tiger and words: HP7 and OIMI embossed in the bottom of glass. there is only a little brown-yellow ointment left in the bottle. 1997.43.19C This is a hexagonal shaped glass bottle (H:1.5", W: 1.77"), which is wrapped with paper label, with a golden color, carved cap. But teh golden color of the cap is faded in several areas. Inside the cap, the metal's color is silver, and there are several oil stains on it. In the bottom of the bottle is raised a running tiger. The wrapped paper is golden color, and is broken in several areas. The whole paper becomes darker so the characters and drawings on it are vague. The color of ointment is brown-yellow, and it has strong smell. 1997.43.19D A glass bottle(W: 1.10", H:1") with a metal screwing acap. The golden color on the cap is fading. The top of the cap is raised a running tiger and manes of the medicine and the brand. The upper side of the label, which is around the glass bottle, is broken, and the label is dark an a little blurred. There is a running tiger raised on the bottom, and on the each side of the bottle also has something raised on it but is hidden behind the label. There is some ointment left in the bottle. The ointment is brown.
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