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Wing Luke Museum
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Underwear - Artifacts

Cotton undergarment with waistband and ties One piece loin cloth style garment made from plain woven cotton with a lavender hue. The waistband is 2+" high and is a single rectangular piece which has been folded in half lengthwise and machine stitched along the bottom to attach it to the rest of the garment and form a pocket for a stiffener inside. The lower portion of the loin cloth consists of two pieces, each cut to form a curve at the top which tapers into straight sides toward the bottom. These two pieces are stitched together along the central vertical axis. Embroidered in red thread on the inside center of the waistband are the Chinese character for "shu" and a "2", which indicates the person's name. Attached to each end of the waistband is a long string of woven cotton to tie the garment into place.
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