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Wing Luke Museum
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Silk Square - Artifacts

Hand woven cream colored silk square with machine stich (of clear nylon thread) to finish edges. See Accession File: card originally attached to fabric square reads: "Jack Lenor Larsen Inc, Canton Crepe, 2412/01, ivory, Thaibok, 100% silk, handwoven in China, 36" wide, (not guaranteed against fading nor for precise matching of color), 232 East 59 Street, New York, N.Y., 10022, 212 674-3993". Thaibok is most likely the manufacturer and Jack Lenor Larsen Inc the distributor. Note: The square may have been altered, as it does not measure 36" wide. Or this tag, found in the accession ledger, may not have originally been attached to the fabric square.
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