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Image paperweight
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Cast metal rectangular weight with mythical figure. The weight is fairly heavy and may be bronze although the surface appears to be copper. On the bottom are pressed into the surface four characters in Seal Script style. A white pigment has is imbedded in the lines forming the characters. The surface of the metal weight has been treated to achieve a smooth and mottled finish. A cast mythical creature has been attached to the weith with metal rods which have been filed in order to maintain a smooth surface. The creature is amphibious with large eyes and a long tail which forms a curvilinear design. The creature may be related to the Chinese dragon and is perhaps the variety called "Pi-hsi" which is associated with literature although one description describes Pi-hsi as being representative of a male and female tortoise. See: "Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives" by C.A.S. Williams, pub. 1976, Dover Publications. Page 137-- "Pi-hsi, carved on the top of stone tablets, since it was fond of literature". See Also:
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