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Wing Luke Museum
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Herbal Medicine - Artifacts

Cardboard box with lid containing dried root in paper wrapper The lid has straight sides which extend to the bottom of the box and have semi - circular notches. The sides are covered with beige paper printed with stylized black swastika design pattern. Top of the box is covered with gold with red and beige label. In the center is portrait of man surrounded with black Chinese characters. Framed with flowers and on the outside of the border is a red interlocking circle design that has in English "Dr. Tang Shih Yee" and Chinese characters. The box originally contained pills for chronic cough. A brown paper label glued to one end has Chinese characters in black ink indicating box was used for something else. Label is not readable. The bottom of the cardboard box contains a brown piece which resembles a dried root. It is wrapped in wax paper and then in brown paper which has Chinese characters written in black ink. One of the labels say "Upright fragrant" and dosage.
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