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Tablets - Artifacts

Image Tablets
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Two glass topped boxes containing dark brown tablets and instruction sheets. The top of the box is made of glass attached to cardboard sides and ends which are covered with wine colored fabric printed with a blue and white floral design. Four Chinese characters have been painted in red on the underside of the glass. The rectangular box bottom is made of cardboard covered with paper on the sides and covered with blue and white striped fabric on the flange running around the base of the box. Inside the box are four cardboard divisions inside each section are four hard dark brown rectangular pieces which are translucent and have gold and red characters printed on them. A tissue paper and instruction sheet are printed on one side with black Chinese characters and picture of gazebo like structure. A: Has evidence of old insect activity on the top of the box. B: Evidence of old insect activity on one side. [e jiao] or [lu pi jiao] Colla Corii Asini The glue prepared from the skin of Ass, Eguus asinus L. (family Eguidae). 1. to nourish the blood and to stop bleeding for symptoms of deficiency of blood and all kinds of bleeding. 2. to nourish the vital essence and to soothe the lung for the treatment of insomnia, dry cough and blood system (e.g. in pulmonary tuberculosis).
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