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Wing Luke Museum
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Patent Medicine - Artifacts

Nine boxes containing small bottles of liquid medicine an applicator brush and instruction sheet. Small rectangular cardboard box is wrapped with red printed white paper. There are Chinese characters with a border of roses with four sides. One side has a medallion surrounding an illustration of a medical man between a deer and ginseng root. Inside the box is a small clear glass bottle with long narrow neck It has a blue printed white paper label and a cork stopper. Some of the bottles appear to have a waxy seal covering the cork. Inside the bottle the liquid medicine has crystallized. The bottle is wrapped with a yellowed paper instruction sheet printed in red. Inside the package next to the bottle is a short brush with a bamboo handle and white bristles. A & B: Tops of boxes are missing and the sealing wax has been removed from bottle top. C, D & E: Boxes have been opened but the sealing wax remains on top. F: Box is open and sealing wax covered with white powder. G: Box is open, sealing wax intact, brush is missing. H: Box is sealed. I: Box opened, bottle and brush missing. This medicine is for skin problems.
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