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Record, Phonograph - Artifacts

Phonographic records A: KYU Sakamato's "Sukiyaki and other Japanese Hits with Orchestra" Capitol, recorded in Tokyo. White cover with photo of Sakamoto sitting on case. B: Deems Tsutakawa, "Deems" J-Town sound Copyright 1981-82 by Akihiko music. Black cover with brown edge. C: Deems Tsutakawa, "Living Dreams" J-Town Sound. Akihiko Music 1986. Front cover photograph of Deems. D: Dakila "Daklia" Epic Records 1972 Mr Cafed Music Front cover photo of Dakila. E: Jon Jang "The Ballad or the Bullet?" AsianImprov Records, 1987. F: Hiroshima "Hiroshima" Arista 1979 front cover photo of Kabuki mask on sand. Sticker: "DJ copy Loaned for Promotion/ Not For Sale" G: Leon & Malia "Leon & Malia" Quadrum Record Productions. Hawaiian H: June Millington "Heartsong" Fabulous records 1981. I: A Grain of Sand "A Grain of Sand", 1973, Paredon records. white cover with ink drawing of Asian Americans. Across the top is" "a grain of sand - music for the struggle by asians in america - paredon P-1020 - chris kando iijima - joanne nobuko miyamoto - charlie 'chin'" "See Notes" J: Yellow Magic Orchestra " X ~ Multiplies" A & M REcords 1980. K: Hiroshima "Odori" 1980 Arista records. L: The Outriggers "Rapture: tempting Hawaiin Moods" Warner Brothers 1958, Cover photo of a couple at Don, the Beachcomber, Hollywood. M: Yokohama, California "Yokohama, California" 1977, Bamboo Records. N: Hiroshima "Another Place" 1985, CBS/Epic. O: Werner Muller and His Orchestra "Cherry blossom time in Japan" Decca Records. P: Deems Tsutakawa, Garret Smith, 45 RPM single of "The Way" and Love is Together" J-town Sound Production 1979. Q: Deems Tsutakawa, 45 RPM single of "Okashii Na" and "Strolling Along" Akihito Music 1978. R: The East is Red and Sailing Chorus & Band, "East is Red" and "Sailing the Sea Depends on the Helmsman" China Record co. 45 RPM Single.
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