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Wing Luke Museum
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Sign - Artifacts

Four wood carved Chinese characters painted black on front and sides and white on the back there are holes drilled at the top and the bottom of each charcter for hanging purposes. The Characters refer to the"Heng She" association A: 14.25" X 4.25" X .75", Three brush strokes, large vertical stroke on the left, short vertical stroke on the right with short horizontal stroke intersecting it. B: 13" X 8.25" X .75", Six brush strokes, Horizontal stroke at the top, two vertical strokes in the middle joines by two short horizontal strokes and then one large horizontal stroke at the bottom. C: 11.5" X 5.5" X .75", Four brush strokes, one horizontal stoke at the top with three vertical strokes. D: 13" X 7.75" X.75", Three brush strokes, long vertical stroke in middle intersected by short horizontal stroke at the center and a long horizontal stroke at the bottom. A & B are the "Heng" character and C &D are the "She" character.
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