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Wing Luke Museum
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Watch Rate Recorder - Artifacts

Machine to calibrate watches and clocks A: Rectangular shaped metal base with an L shaped top curved on two ends. At the right front there is a metal cylindar and a metal bar projecing out from holes in the top. To the left is a control lever with a round button. To the right projecting from a hole in the top and suspended above the deck of the machine is metal holder consisting of disks and a spring. Spring is operated with a plunger and the holder can be turned around. In front of this is a control panel consisting of a black metal plaque with tht e name American Time Products, Inc. New York City, New York, USA" printed at the top. Printed at the bottom is serial No. "No. 13057" and type No. "G-11". At the left is a black plastic knob with "ATF Inc" engraved at the top and "Control" is printed above the knob and can be turned left or right. To the right of this are two metal switches one says "on" and "off" and the other "record" and "listen." There is a red light above the two switches. To the right of this is a metal socket with "Phone" printed above. On the front of the machine is a metal label painted black with the words "Watch Master" in raised silver lettering. In the middle is the trade mark. There is a black electrical cord comingout of the back. B& C: Hand books for the machine. They have blue paper back covers with the name of the company and manufacturer printed in blue. The company that used the machine has name stamped in front "Bow Wah, 672 King St., Seattle Wash." they are instruction books for the use of the machine and how to read the charts. B: copyright in 1950 and has name of the company representative stamped on the front in red. C: copyright in 1948 and the name "Chinn" in pencil on the top. D: 12 rolls of charted paper printed in green ink with the name Watch Master at the top. (Location: SHELF 26D, in acid free box)
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