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Wing Luke Museum
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Watch Parts - Artifacts

Two cardboard and two plastic boxes containing watch parts. A: Rectangular cardboard lidded box 4" X 8" X 1" with a label printed in blue, "Meyer Beck Co. Encino, Calif., to Bow Wah Company, 672 King Street, Seattle 4, Wash." and a blue 5 cent stamp. On one end of the box written in ink "Bulova 5 AB-AS976-1012. Inside are 6 smaller white cardboard boxes 2.5" X 1.625" X .75"which have bottom s which slide out to one side. Ai: Stamped in blue ink "ETA 1,000-1220 for Bulova 8AH" an d numbers written in ink. Inside is a clear paper wrapper containing a very tiny needle like balance staff. A larger balance staff and three brass knobs. Aii: Stamped in blue ink-" For Bulova 6AM-AH-AK-AZ" and numbers written in ink. Inside the box are four blue paper packages printed in red, three containing mainsprings and one containing a winding stem. A clear paper package with a mainspring, a blue lined foil package with a mainspring, one tiny balance staff, three small winding stems, three longer winding stem and three brass knobs. Aiii: Printed in blue on the top "ETA 900-925-930 for Bulova 10-BE" containing one sealed blue package of balance staffs, two winding stems and two knobs. Aiv: Stamped on top in blue "AS 970-1171 For Bulova 8AL" containing one blue package of balance staffs, two foil packages containing mainsprings, ten winding stems and two brass knobs. Av: Stamped on top in blue "For Benrus Bm Font 60", containing one package of balance staffs three mainsprings and brass knobs. Avi: Stamped on top in blue "A.S. 1194-1158-1187" containing one blue package of balance staffs ands two brass knobs. B: Rectangular lidded cardboard box containing 28 packages of mainsprings and one loose spring, H: 1.75", W: 8", D: 2.25". The lid of the box has "Springs" written inpencil on the top and a black stamp Bow Wah Company, 672 King Street, Seattle 4, Wash." on one end a black stamp "No. W 105". On one side e printed in black is "Swartchild & Co., Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, Kansas City". Bi: Top of the box Bii: Bottom of the box which has two metal tabs on either end which attach to the top. Biii - xvii: Small envelopes with blue printing "Waltham Mainsprings". Each package contains one black spring with rust colored circular holder. Bxviii: Small envelope withprinting "Swartchild & Co." written in ink on the front "Eibosa Main" containing one bronze colored spring held with wire and one blue colored metal spring held with brass ring. Bxvix - xx: two envelopes printed in red "Waltham Mainspring" each contains metal spring with holder. Bxxi: Small envelope printed in brown "Charles Robert fit for a Waltham".On the back flap 100% Hand made English Crucible Cast Steel" Inside is paisley shaped spring inside a clear envelope. Bxxii - xxiii: Two small envelopes with brown printing"Excelsior Mainspring" containing spring wrapped in foil. Bxxiv - xxv: Two small envelopes printed in black "A. Adolphe Hug, J. Green building, Seattle, Wash."containing paisley shaped springs. Bxxvi - xxix: Four small envelopes printed in black "Sandsteel Mainspring, New York." Each contains a spring inside a metal holder. Bxxx: One square envelope with black printing "Elgin Resilient Mainspring". Contains large blue spring in cardboard holder. Bxxxi: Mainspring in metal holder wrapped in clear paper. C: Rectangular plastic box with hinged lid and dividers, H: 1.25", W: 8.25", D: 4.25", each of the 18 compartments holds one or two small square envelopes. There are 20 packages with blue or red printing for the companies Longienes, Wittnauer, and Le Coultre. Each contains a mainspring, winding stem or balance staff. Cxx: has a brass knob tied to outside of the package. D: Plastic box with hinged lid and seven compartments. H: 1.25", W: 4.5", D: 3". One hinge is broken, and inside the lid is paper label printed in blue and white "Bulova Buloloy Mainsprings Kit, No. 20. $10.95." In the left three compartments are three yellow plastic holders with the number 7AD in black, four red holders # 6AH, Six green holders #5AD, One green holder # 5AB and in the right three compartments are three black holders #8AD, Two red holders, #8AE, one blue holder #10AK, two blue holders # 10BC, three red holders # 10CSC. The holders are printed on one side with Buloloy Bulova Watch Co. and on the other with "Insertopak" and "Barrell side". In the larger middle compartment is holder # 7AK and the spring has sprung. In the middle of the compartment is a plastic peg which holds a plastic tool. The tool is hexagonal shaped with a hole in the center and has six hexagonal shaped projections around the outside. The projections are black, red, yellow, green, white and blue to match the spring holders. It is used to insert the spring from the holder.
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