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Wing Luke Museum
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Puppet - Artifacts

Cloth Chinese Male Figure Theater Puppet Puppet has clay head, hands and feet painted in theatrical style; the face is painted white with red and black designs, blue neck and ears. Cloth and paper hat with orange, white and blue pom poms on top and sides, the front of the hat is decorated with sequins and beads attached with copper wire to a crown shaped front piece covered with red fabric on white and gold paper; on body of the hat is made of white satin cloth stiffened with paper and trimmed with blue ribbon; at the very top is an orange double pointed shape extending up from the back and trimmed with yellow ribbon; the back is pink cloth stiffened with paper and trimmed with yellow braid. The figure wears a red and gold brocade robe with orange accents in a crysanthemum, halo shaped and floral design design which is cut to form two side panels and attached front and back panels; the back panel is cut from a dark pink and gold brocade with orchids, chrysanthemums and plum design; the same material is used for a front tab. At the waist is a yellow and black brocade band in the form of a belt and the same fabric is used in the collar which is trimmed with pink braid. The body is made from white muslin and the legs are filled with beans; hand stitched in front. Clay fist-shaped hands are painted pink, clay feet are painted black boots with white soles.
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