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Obi - Artifacts

Homemade Obi Exterior fabric is made of a resist dyed silk crepe with a repeating design of off white squares on brownish red background. Repeated inside and inside the squares is a design of two pomegranates with eaves. The resist design creates a mottled reddish brown skin with tiny white flower spikes. One pomegranate has blue seeds. The pomegranates are decorated in a variety of ways. Starting at on end the blue seeds have been embroidered over with gold thread. The small flowers and leaf veins accented with gold thread. In the next square only the small flowers and veins are accented in gold. The next three squares are undecorated then the next pomegranate is accented with gold and orange silk embroidery. With small flowers and vein accents. The next pomegranates are decorated with embroidery, gold coveringthe seeds, and white orange,red pink and gold threads covering one whole pomegranate. The other pomegranate and the leafs are decorated with orange and gold thread. The next square has two leaves embroided with orange and gold thread. And a yellow stain on one side. The next is undecorated. The next two have orange embroidered leaves orange and gold accents on one pomegranate and on has gold embroidered seeds.the next six are undecorated. At each end are two white horizontal stripes dyed into the fabric. The last one and one half have gold embroidery accents and one has blue seeds covered with gold braid. The back of the obi is 1950's style upholstery fabric. Abstract designs in green yellow, rust and black on a beige background. The obi appears to be padded or has an extra layer of fabric on the inside.
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