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Image decoration
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Five pieces of Mizuhiki gift decoration Mizuhiki is made of washi paper rolled into fine strands and covered with colored paper A: Gold and silver interlaced knot design forming a circular pattern with curled tendrils around the outside B: Gold on one half and silver on the other half, 5 strands form ring shape and are tied into a flat knot with curled tentrils hanging down C: Multi-colored strands of mizuhiki are held together near one end by a red lined white paper folded around artificial yellow fabric fruit and green foliage, tied in place with gold mizuhiki. At the same end is knotted round shaped motif made of acqua, red, yellow and purple strands with a bright pink knotted and curled design in the center. A gold cross shaped motif is attached to the same end and a metallic loop tied between the two motifs. D: Identical to C except there is no artificial foliage in the red lined white paper. E: Dark green on one half and white on the other half, 10 strands form a small ring shape and are tied into a flat knot
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