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Scroll - Artifacts

Image Scroll
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Hanging Scroll Silk painting of two white cranes with black tail feathers, gray legs, light gray necks, green beaks, orange and yellow tuft on head, eyes are outlined in white with a single black dot for eye; small green and brown tortoise at the bottom with green fringe at back; behind the cranes are rock formations and white plum blossoms; above on the left is a gray pine branch hanging down, at the center top is a red sun; at the bottom are brown pine needles and a red seal with two kanji characters. The silk painting is framed by gold colored brocade and on the top and bottom is a band of beige silk with gold painted floral design. The silk painting and brocade is laminated to a paper backing and is attached at the bottom to a ivory colored plastic dowel. At the top is a half-round wooden dowel between the paper and brocade, attached to it is a brown braided cord across the top and a separate piece attached to the middle to wind around the closed scroll. A gold oval sticker on back wood dowel "Made in Japan"; next to it is a rectangular paper tag "SQ".
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