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Sculpture - Artifacts

Image Sculpture
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Half of a diptych sculpture by Cheryll Leo-Gwin Steel, porcelain enamel, and plywood depicting from top to bottom: A leg wearing a high heal with eight five-pointed stars A reproduction of a black-and-white photograph of the artist's father's family. According to Leo-Gwin, "My father was born in 1905 in St. Louis, Mo. His father died when my Dad was 8 years old (when the photo was taken) so he quit school to help his mother raise the rest of the kids. My father was a third generation Chinese American. His mother spoke no Chinese and knew no Chinese customs. She was the first Chinese baby born in San Rafael CA somewhere around 1880-1890" (personal communication, May 28, 2016). A road running diagonal from right to left A candle A thorny vine curling through a woman's torso A woman in a blue robe bowing her head
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