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Costume - Artifacts

Image Costume
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Costume Cantonese opera costume Martial arts costume Jacket, Pants, Spats, Belt A: Jacket made of turquoise satin with white satin fabric detail and trim, white satin lining on edge of cuffs, white satin collar lined in white thread trim, white frog buttons line the middle of jacket as well as a continued line of frog buttons starting at the wrist cuff on the sleeve, extending along the underarm and down the side of the torso of the jacket, present on both sides of the jacket, inside of jacket lined with linen or cotton, 'MADE IN CHINA' stamped on inside bottom front of jacket lining B: Pant made of turquoise satin, white satin diagonal stripe with white lining across each pant leg, white satin spade-shaped detail on the side of each pant leg, pants sewn in black thread C: Spats made of white and turquoise striped satin with heavy backing and cotton or linen lining, white bottons sewn along edged of spats, white laces attached to upper right corner and bottom left corner of each spat, each spat features the stamp 'MADE IN CHINA' on the lining D: Belt made with white satin and single thick turquoise satin stripe running through middle of belt, sewn with white and brown thread, thick backing with cotton or linen lining, stamped on the lining at one end of belt 'MADE IN CHINA'
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