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Image Costume
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Chinese Opera Costume Emperor's Robe (Mang) and Collar A: Robe-Dark turquoise satin robe with 2 tie closures (at the neck and at the side) and white water sleeves (shui hsiu). Heavily embroidered in gold, red, black, pink, orange, and silver. Dragon motif: large gold dragon on the front, gold dragon on each sleeve, small gold dragon running down each side, and two silver dragons near the bottom hem. Stiff panels at the bottom of the garment lined in light blue satin, upper portion lined in white cotton. 59"L (collar to hem) x 103"W (sleeve hem to sleeve hem). B: Collar-Dark turquoise satin with gold and red embroidery in a dragon motif. Yellow silk border around the neck, 2 dragons, tie closure in the back. 13"L x 22.5" W.
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