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Mural - Artifacts

Image Mural
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This mural is the collaborative effort of Kyung Lim Hong, Hyang L. Kum, Moon Hyang Lee and Hey-June Park. Created specifically for the exhibition Explore Korea: A Visit to Grandfather's House, the work represents their artistic search for an enduring and vital Korean ethos. For the Korean-born artists, this search takes the form of a journey into the not-so-distant past, into experiences both personal and collective. But as memories are more often layered than linear, more impressionistic thank illustrative, so do the images of the mural overlap, repeat, and blend into one another. The result is a sweeping drapery of faces, landscapes, symbols and vignettes. The mural consists of mixed media, incorporating both traditional and new techniques. Look for images generated by age-old woodblock processes alongside modern brushwork and photographic transfers. Materials include rice paper and gauze, which are bound to the mural surface with wheat paste and arrowroot.
Object ID
Korea 025.005