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Cloth - Artifacts

Image Cloth
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large story cloth, 48" x 64". Kay Moua and her husband, Boua, bought it from St. Paul around 2005. It's all sewn by hand and took a whole year to complete. It tells the history from our migration from China to Laos to the Secret War into Thailand and then America. I don't think they have the name of the artist as it was sold through a vendor. Handstitching is an important art form of hmong women for many many generations. This part of our culture is slowly vanishing as generations raised/born here do not have a desire to carry on the tradition. Even back in Laos/Thailand, sewing and print machines are incorporating their way into the stitchings of hmong costumes and textiles b/c they provide a faster turnaround time then if it were hand sewn in turn, the quality and aesthetic is compromised when modern technology is being used but the demand and convenience makes it highly sought.
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