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Figurine - Artifacts

Image Figurine
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Carved Wood; Commercial decorative art Small wooden carved figures, not mounted on a single base, although all figures have holes on the bottoms as if they were once mounted on a base. This group appears to be a judge with one prisoner and one man receiveing judgement. a) man kneeling with hands outstretched as if begging; no hat; hair queued; hip length jacket with long garment underneath; features painted on. b) man kneeling with prison block around his neck; hand under board as if balancing it; long tunic garment; Chinese character on top of board. c) seated man with outstretched arms (hands on top of desk when seated behind desk); hat with red lines painted on, tassel on back of hat; wearing long robe with necklace or neck ornament carved on and painted; features and a mustache painted on; chair has a foot stool attached. d) desk with front to look like cloth with 2 red tassels and Chinese characters painted on; ink blocks, brush holder, and 2 blocks attached. e-j) figures k) base l) 2 figures locked in stocks on a base m) figure pulling rickshaw with figure inside n) 2 figures holding palanquin with figure inside
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