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Cover, Chair Seat - Artifacts

Image Cover, Chair Seat
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New Year red silk satin chair cover. The top fits over a chair back and is bound with self-fabric. In the center is a blue and white satin stitched crane with a red radish(?) in his beak. He is surrounded by various Chinese symbols couched in gold thread. Above him are 3 characters, two of which say mutual benefit - temple. Perhaps the middle character is a name. The symbols are (1) bell, (2) pair of books, (3) gourd, (4) vase, (5) pair of scrolls, (6) peony. The gourd is a Taoist symbol of mystery and necromancy. The spirals of smoke that ascend from it denote the power of Li-Tieh-kuai, one of the Immortals, setting his spirit free from his body. At the bottom are 4 cranes in blue and white satin stitch in each corner. At the top is a large gold couched bat, symbol of happiness and long life. There are 4 smaller gold couched bats surrounded by gold couched clouds. In the center is a separate design (perhaps an offering table). There are inset pieces of blue, green, yellow, and red fabric surrounded by small round mirrors set in brass. Along the edge is the Greek key design in blue and gold couching. Below are hexagonal mirrors, then a tied design of green silk thread with 10 silk thread tassels dangling from it. Separate piece is padded and lined in pink cotton. There is blue silk lining on the back.
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