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Wing Luke Museum
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Knife - Artifacts

1) forged sword without hilt with pounded inlay of white metal in floral and dot pattern of Muslim style; [L: 23", W: 1.5"] 2) wood sheath and husk sheath bounded together with wire, with opening surrounded by bone and bound with nito braided cord embellishments (3), very light-weight wood, appears to have been painted with a gold paint [L: 21 1/8", W: 1 7/8"] 3) spear is 3.75" metal piece attached to 11.75" piece of round wood, possibly a reed, with a hole in the wood's end; twisted cord wrapped tightly around end which joins two pieces [L: 15 3/8", W: 3/4"] - shaft may be missing 4) spear's sheath is a husk or fibrous piece of bark wrapped in animal skin (with reddish hair) and tied with cord; long reddish and white animal hairs on bottom end, possibly horse hair/mane; sheath has a 23 3/4" braided strap attached to it, possibly to affix to belt or loincloth; braided strap has twisted cord abd a metal ring with a 3 1/2" tooth/fang (hole bored in center) on it [L: 19", W: 2.5"] - the sheath may be missing Because of the pounded white metal inlay work on the first piece, it is tentatively identified as Muslim from the southern islands of the Philippines (Mindanao).
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