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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Two Chiengmai cloth dolls with wood stands, one representing Meow culture and the other E. Kaw culture. Ai: Meow doll, H: 8.5". The cloth doll is machine stitched from a peach colored fabric and has mache or gofun-style coated face which is painted with black eyebrows, lashes and eyes, brown eyeshadow and bright pink lips and cheeks. Nails have been painted on the feet and hands with a bright orangey pink color. The doll has black hair stiched and glued to the head and formed from thick strands of black thread. She is wearing a long-sleeved black cotton shirt, short skirt with black cotton top and multicolored horizontal stripes woven against a pink cotton background at the bottom, and long black apron with red sash. A white bias tape has been wrapped around her legs to create leggings. Her shirt is trimmed with a red and black ribbon at the collar and lapel. The doll carries a basket, probably woven from bamboo, with a plain weave body and braided rim finish. She is also wearing earrings (a single silver sequin at each ear) and two silver colored ring necklaces. Aii: Round, wood base to serve as stand for doll A, D: 3.25". A single block of wood, hand turned (?) and with a small hole near the center for insertion of the wire stem at the base of the doll. Varnish has peeled away where the glue on the bottom of the doll's feet weakened and the doll became separated from the stand. A white piece of paper has been adhered to the side of the stand and is printed with red ink, "Chiengmai Doll 49/1 kaew Navarat Rd. Chiengmai, Thailand." A silver sticker with black print, "Meow" is adhered to the front. A small chunk of wood has broken off the bottom of the stand. B: E. Kaw doll, H: 9.5" including the wood base which serves as her stand. The doll is identical in basic construction to doll A, though dressed in different attire. She wears an elaborate headress which is formed from multicolored striped fabric wrapped around the head and decorated with yellow and red pom poms, yellow pipe cleaner, and silver colored strands at the front. Yellow, green and red thread also hang down in the front for additional decoration. The doll is wearing a long-sleeved black cotton shirt and short skirt. The sleeves are decorated with thick and thin bands of red, white, and blue. A short sash of green, blue, pink, and yellow stripes is tied around the waist. She also wears leggings of a similarly patterned cloth. Around her neck is a silver colored ring necklace, and strands of yellow and green threads. In her left hand, at the hip, she carries a basket similar to that of doll A. The wood stand has a Chiengmai Doll sticker identical to that of A. On the front of the stand is a silver sticker with black print, "E. Kaw."
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