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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

15" female Japanese doll is dressed in 3 kimonos. The outer kimono, Furisode style, is silk and has a multi-flowered pattern on an ivory and purple background with a padded hemline and a red border. The lining is also red. This kimono is worn with her arm outside of the right sleeve. The right side is tucked under the arm and is held up by the obi. The second kimono is visible on the right sleeve and shoulder. It is red with gold flecks of various sizes. The under kimono is a white on white painted brocade. The kimono has a red brocade obi decorated with alternating gold and white leaf pattern. Around the obi is an ivory kuminimo (braided cord) and a 3/4" cream colored obi tied into bow on the left side. Black hair made of cotton threads tied into a bun with a red and silver ribbon. In the front of her hair is a red with diamonds tie. A silver kanzashi (hair pin) with 8 dangling strips are on the right side. She wears a large black hat that is 4" in diameter with gold stripes coming out of the center. It falls from the middle of her head down her back. Orange cording tied around neck holds hat on. Head is turned right with hand painted face. Right arm hanging to the back, left hand is bent at elbow. Hands are plastic. Wearing ivory tabi's and standing on a black lacquered stand.
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