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Wing Luke Museum
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Carving - Artifacts

Image Carving
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Wooden carved temple odrnament, painted red with gilding. The temple ornament is carved in the shape of a vird possibly a phoenix. A tail feather and the lower back of the tail feather are broken off. The bird's body faces right, with its snake-like meck moving under its tughy with to face left across its back. The bird is carrying a sash, tied around what appears to be a rolled up manuscript, in its beak. The temple ornament is carved and gilded on three sides. Th fourth side, is flat except for the parts of the wood which have been carved to correspond to the three carved sides. The flat part is not painted. Attached to the flat part by two screws is a metal hanger with a key-hole shape. Approximately 1 1/2" (3.5cm) each side of the hanger are what apeaer to be nail holes. There is a remnant of a white and red label on the back, with indecepherable blue writing.
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