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Carving - Artifacts

Image Carving
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Wooden carving temple ornament, painted red with gilding. The temple ornament is carved in the shape of a dragon. The dragon's body faces right with its head grns back across its body to face left. It has one horn, aboce its left eyebrow, and its left whisker has been broken off. Its mouth is open, with its tonguw and bottom teeth showing (facing downward). There are what appears to be nail holes in the tongue and the bottom part of the dragon's body. A piece of leather, 1 3/4" (4.5 cm) x 3/4" (2cm) shaped like flames facing dowmward, is attached to the lower right corner of the carving. Below the chin, facing downward, is the dragon's beard, apart of which is chipped. The ornament is carved onthree sides, half of the top side and painted red. It has two faintly marked circular shapes stamped on the back.
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