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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Boy's Day scene on platform. Male farmer doll hanging carp for Boy's Day. A: Doll on stand with flag pole, tree and flowers. Doll has separate head (see B). Doll wears dark blue hanten coat with a white designs and kanji, leggings, a dark blue, red and white obi and sandals (zori). The right arm is raised and the hand is curled and the left arm is held in front; the legs are widespread. He holds a purple and white cotton cord which extends up a long pole (see C). On the black lacquered wooden platform, 10 7/8" x 4 5/8" x 1 7/8", is pine tree consisting of a wooden branch with bark and green artificial tufts attached to wires imitating pine branches; next to this is a small fence made of four squared posts and beams tied with black cord, a hole in the middle of the cross beams support the pole; in front are four artificial plants: 3 irises (1 with leaves, 1 with a bud, 1 in full white and purple flower), 1 yellow flower with leaves (chrysanthemum?). The large carp is painted fabric and has a small fabric boy clining to the fish. It was thought that as boys lookes at the carp they would take on the qualities of courage ad fearlessness associated with the carp. B: Gofun covered wooden carved head, black fiber inset hair with topknot, blue colored pate where head would be shaved, inset black glass eyes, black painted eyebrows, red painted mouth; neck comes to a point at the bottom where it fits into body. C: Tall wooden pole, 19" high, painted with black bands about 1 1/2" wide alternating with unpainted bands of the same width, thin crossbar attached near top, gold painted wooden ball at top; purple and white twisted cotton cord extends from doll, wraps around pole and crossbar; a carp made of painted black, green and gold, stuffed fabric, hangs from the end of the crossbar and cord; a stylized figure of a small boy with a red kimono, white belt and black hair clings to the carp's underbelly. Pole fits through holes in crossbars of fence. The carp represents the qualities of courage and fearlessness.
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